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Rebecca’s photographs push the viewer to look outside the box, to question what it is they are seeing. She brings forth a heightened sense of reality, a hyperreality. Rebecca’s favorite styles of photography are Astro, Steel Wool, Infrared and Macro, however, she enjoys photographing anything that catches her eye and piques her imagination, the more involved the process, the more interested she is. Her education crosses many of the digital arts, from graphic design, film/video to animation, this background equips her with a unique perspective.

Prairie State College - Associate Professor, Visual Communications and Multimedia Arts/Coordinator, Photography 2012-current

MFA 2010 - Independent Film & Digital Imaging Governors State College

BFA 2003 - Art & Technology School of the Art Institute of Chicago

AAS 2001 - Graphic Communications Prairie State College

Contact for prints, exhibits and collaboration. Response within 24 hours.

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